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Hunan Construction Engineering Group Corporation (referred to as Hunan Construction Engineering Group for short) was established in 1952, when it was first set up as a governmental department known as Hunan Provincial Construction Engineering Bureau. In 1983, the Bureau was transformed into a business with the name of Hunan Construction Engineering Corporation, which incorporated all enterprises and institutions under the Bureau to form the Hunan Construction Engineering Group in 1992. With an arduous effort for over 50 years, it has now developed into the biggest group of enterprises in Hunan Province, and has gained a comprehensive capability for a great variety of business including building construction, road & bridge construction, interior decoration, hydropower construction, information & network engineering, mechanized earthworks, real estate development, mechanical & electrical erection, airport & municipal works, logistics, concrete fabrication, mechanical manufacturing, equipment lease, engineering supervision, contracting agency, survey & design, scientific research & training, overseas contract undertakings, labor supply and international trade. Hunan Construction Engineering Group Corporation and one of its subsidiary Hunan Construction Engineering Company No. 6 have both successfully obtained the Special Top Grade Qualification for General Contract of Building Construction. Moreover, Hunan Construction Engineering Group has also gained specific qualifications of Grade I for road works, municipal works and mechanical & electrical erection works.

Among the enterprises and institutions under Hunan Construction Engineering Group are one construction company with Special Top Grade Qualification (Hunan Construction Engineering Company No. 6), four other construction companies with Grade I Qualification, one industrial installation company, eight specialized companies, one engineering machinery factory, one design institute with Grade A Qualification, one construction technology research institute, one educational institute (Hunan Urban Construction Institute) and one advanced school of skilled construction workers. Hunan Construction Engineering Group has engaged more than 60000 employees, over 10000 of whom are technical personnel of various specialties, and has developed a capacity for an annual production value of over RMB 20 billion, with a working capital of RMB 5 billion.

Hunan Construction Engineering Group has so far accomplished a great number of design and construction tasks covering complicated large-scale industrial & civil buildings, roads & bridges and real estate development. More than 500 of these projects have won Provincial Awards of Excellent Quality, provincial Lotus Cup Awards and National Silver Awards of Excellent Quality. Above all, Hunan Construction Engineering Group is greatly honored to have successively won 14 Luban Awards, the top awards in China construction engineering industry, in the past 6 years. Moreover, all companies under Hunan Construction Engineering Group have passed the certification of ISO Quality Assurance System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Health & Safety System.

From the end of 1950s, Hunan Construction Engineering Group started to make its way into international market, and since then has accomplished more than 80 China-aided and contract projects in over 30 countries and regions, which were highly appreciated by the customers. Presently, while continuing to develop its market in East Europe, Africa, West Asia and Southeast Asia, Hunan Construction Engineering Group is building up a good business relation with companies of such countries as USA, Japan and Germany, etc.

Since the year of 2000, Hunan Construction Engineering Group has been promoting its corporate spirit of "Top Class, Excelling, Meticulous Work and Devotion". By practicing the strategy of "Everyone In The Market", Hunan Construction Engineering Group has been focused on the market development and enlargement of its business operation. Its internal management has been greatly strengthened to build up its brand and social image. It has successively maintained a high economic growth of 30% in the past few years, and its market has extended to 29 provinces, cities and autonomous regions domestically and 36 countries and regions internationally. The tremendous development of Hunan Construction Engineering Group within such a short time frame has been referred to as "Phenomenon of Hunan Construction Engineering Group" by people in the construction field and the media. Recently, Hunan Construction Engineering Group was praised as one of "the state-owned enterprises with the fastest development, the best leadership and the most stable situation" by key leaders of Hunan Provincial Government. In 2002, Hunan Construction Engineering Group was ranked among the top 100 enterprises in Hunan Province to take the 9th place. It went up to the 7th place in 2003 and the 4th place in 2004, which is actually the top place in non-monopolized sectors in Hunan Province. Moreover, it figured among the top 500 enterprises in China to take the 233rd place in 2004, and went up to the 200th place in 2005. Meanwhile it was ranked among the top 60 construction and design enterprises of the year 2004 to have taken the 27th place. Furthermore, the enterprises under Hunan Construction Engineering Group have won such honors as "National Enterprise of Excellence", "National Model Enterprise of Integrity", "National Star Construction Enterprise", "National Trustworthy Enterprise That Strictly Abides by Contracts", "Hunan Provincial Enterprise of Excellence" and "Hunan Provincial Enterprise of Civilized Operation". They also have gained such titles as "Unit of Credit Grade AAA in the Construction Field" and "Gold Customers" of banks.

Meanwhile, a great number of excellent employees have been elected "Model Workers", "Excellent Entrepreneurs", "Excellent Project Managers" and "Outstanding Workers" at national, ministerial, provincial, regional levels respectively as well as at the level of Hunan Construction Engineering Group. Some of them have even become well known scholars, experts and members of various academic reviewing committees, and others have been promoted to positions of municipal and departmental leadership, or have been entered into the intelligence bank of the "121 Project". Based on all this, a great number of management and technical talents as well as university graduates have been attracted by Hunan Construction Engineering Group to gather under its flag.

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